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AIRHANDLE | Range of Lifting Systems

LIONGRIP | Heavy parts handling

Liongrip works similar to an exo-muscle. With minimal force, the operator handles big loads up to 250 kg.

Chargement de machines à commande numérique CNC à l'aide d'un palan motorisé de façon pneumatique afin que l'ensemble soit ergonomique et aisé pour l'opérateur

In the standard versions, LionGrip® handles weights up to 200 kg, has a working radius of up to 4 meters and more than 400° working area. 


AirHandle in ceiling rails has the big advantage that no column is in the way. This provides a large working area.

AirHandle - Lifting Equipment - Magnet gripper - Manipulateur ergonomique de charge avec préhenseur magnétique

Specifications :

Model AHR-40 / AHR-60
Maximum load: 40 kg / 60 kg
Stroke: 1920 mm / 1600 mm
Pressure: 6 bar
Electricity: 110-230 VAC


AirHandle Jib Crane AHC : 3-meter arm with airdriven wire

Milling machine loading with lifting system - chargement de machine CNC de fraisage avec un manipulateur ergonomique actionné par un cable


Modell AHC-80
Maximum load: 80 kg
Stroke: 2000 mm
Arm length: 3000 mm
Work area: 360°
Pressure: 6 bar
Electricity: 110-230 V AC



AirHandle AHS can be installed in any contraption you want.

By placing the AirHandle-control directly inside the lifting cylinder, the AHS is able to lift much higher weight s than the AHC and AHR.

Specifications :

Model AHS-150-8 / AHS-150-10 / AHS-150-12
Maximum load: 150 kg
Stroke: 800 / 1000 / 1200 mm
Pressure: 6 bar
Electricity: 110-230 V AC