MOBILE UNITS | Orders Pickers

Orders Pickers for forklifts

  • Compact Design
  • Stand alone unit - Battery and vacuum pump integrated in the lifting unit
  • Compatible with a wide range of forklift and pallet jack

Stand alone unit for oder picker - boxes carton handling - Manipulateur ergonomique deplacable sur chariot mobile pour la prise de carton caisse à l'aide de préhenseur ventouse


The mobile unit | orders picker has been developped to be able to handle different types of load depending on the lifting tool that is mounted on the machine. 


Handling solution with mobile unit (order picker) for all kind of products - Solution d'unité de manipulation ergonomique avec différent types de préhension ventouse


Here is another solution : this is a complete integrated vacuum lift system for stackers and storage trucks – 24V or 48V, where three-piece arm is suitable for handling long items in narrow aisles. In addition, the crank arm ensures that work can be done on both sides of the truck.

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