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VACUUM LIFTER | All Kind of Products


Metal cans, full or empty, with or without pull tabs can all be handled with a UniGripper, all with one tool, if needed


Boxes may be fully closed or partly open and come in cardboard of different qualities. We know how to adjust our gripper and the vacuum source to handle also low quality boxes

Boxes handling with vacuum lifting equipment - Manipulation de caisses en carton avec un appareil de manutention ergonomique - ventouse


Design to be able to handle wide ranges of bags (plastic, paper) from 10 to 40kg

Bag handling with a vacuum lifting unit

Wood Sheets

Handling of wood plates up to 200kg


Metal Sheets

Handling of metal plates up to 200kg

Large Sheets Handling with vacuum liting unit



Glass jars come in all kinds of sizes. We design to be able to handle wide ranges of jars while keeping in mind crucial aspects as required cycle time and quick and easy maintenance

Jars handling with a vacuum gripper - manipulation de pots en verre avec un manipulateur ergonomique - tube à vide


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